Empowering progress, embracing difference

At Step Ahead ABA we provide much more than therapy sessions. With us, you get a full package of practical guidance and empathetic support.

What happens in therapy
shouldn't stay in therapy.

At Step Ahead, we ensure that progress is long lasting, impacting all areas of daily life.
Explore how our approach extends our services beyond the session

In-home therapy

Sessions in the comfort of your home allow your child to practice new skills where they'll use them every day.

Parent and caregiver guidance
and support

We empower you with tools to help your child apply their new skills across everyday situations you face together.

Flexible scheduling

Adaptable sessions fit into your child's routine, tackling manners at the dinner table, social skills at the playground, and focus during homework.

Community based therapy

Your therapist can join your child at school, the park, or library—wherever they need it. Learning happens in real-life situations.

Happy Lady

High-quality providers for top-notch care

Your child deserves the best, and in the hands of our capable team, you can trust they will get it.

RBT training

We offer comprehensive training for every Behavior Technician on our team, going above state requirements to ensure you’re getting top quality therapy.

Expert BCBAs

We have access to a large pool of BCBAs who are at the top of their field, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every client.

Team power

Behind every RBT stands an experienced and qualified BCBA, who monitors and ensures that your child's progress is consistently on the right track. Plus, if you or your therapist ever need help or have questions, our regional clinical directors are here for you too.

Say yes to progress with expert in-home ABA therapy.