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We proudly serve a wide range of families across the country, with top-tier ABA therapy for autism that is affordable, accessible and effective.

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At Step Ahead ABA, we’re focused on bringing personalized ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy services to every family that can benefit from them.


We accept Medicaid and many major insurance plans so every family can benefit.


Our unique staffing model allows us to get you started efficiently, without holding you up on a long waitlist.


We take the time to get to know you and your family, tailoring sessions to fit your routines.

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Unlocking Your
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There’s lots that goes into ABA that’s effective. Whatever we do, it’s aimed at helping your child be the best they can be.

Professionals + Parents

We partner with you for your child’s success. We listen to your thoughts and work hand-in-hand to create and adjust plans to target their weaknesses and bring out their strengths. We're the ABA pros, but you're the expert on your child.

Oversight + Accountability

Our experienced Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) oversee our Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), guaranteeing high-quality care. To make scheduling easier, we offer telehealth- where your BCBA can join virtually.

Knowledge + Heart

Each team member is trained and qualified to bring out the best in your child, but most importantly, they genuinely care about your child's success.

Monitoring + Evaluation

In ABA, we’re always carefully observing how the treatment is working, so we can tweak and adjust it to ensure your child is making progress and achieving their goals.


Yes, we CAN help
your teen.

We work with children ages 1-21, specializing in kids over 6 and tweens, teens and young adults.
With Step Ahead, no child will be left behind.

Clients over 11 years old
Clients over 6 years old

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ABA impact: Real life success stories

Get a glimpse at the impact of ABA on our client’s lives, with
these genuine success stories shared by our proud team.

*All names have been changed to ensure client confidentiality.

"All year, Sophia* has been working towards integrating into the gen-ed class at school and the hard work has paid off! Next week, after spring break, she will be fully integrating all day!
But that’s not all. Sophia’s school goes on regular trips to the swimming pool and we have been working hard on swimming independently in a community pool (as opposed to at water parks, where Sophie is more confident). Yesterday she swam in the pool independently for the first time while telling herself she could do it and earned a strawberry ice cream afterward to celebrate!"

RBT - Indiana

“I’ve been working with Mia* for a year and a half. Mia had a good start to many skills but her challenging behaviors were getting in the way of her ability to be successful in a daycare environment. She often became upset and refused to follow instructions, even for activities she enjoyed. She would spend a lot of her day having tantrums and resist doing things she was asked, which made it difficult for her to interact with other children or make progress academically. After eighteen months of hard work from her whole team at Step Ahead, she was able to decrease challenging behaviors to near zero levels, successfully transition into a Kindergarten setting and make friends without requiring prompting. Mia did so well that we were able to completely transition her out of our services and she is now an independently successful Kindergartener!”

Regional Director - Indiana

“Liam* has made so much progress in his communication! When I first started he was only using physical gestures to express his needs. He is now independently using 2+ word requests in every session! His parents have also reported that he is using verbal requests independently, outside of session as well. I am so proud of Liam and how much progress he has made!”

RBT - North Carolina

“I’ve been working on eating a wider variety of foods with my kiddo, Logan, tolerating new foods and being okay with alternatives if a preferred food is not available. In the past, his caregivers dealt with tantrums that were hours long and Logan would refuse to eat if a preferred food wasn't available. The other day, when Logan asked for fries, his caregiver did an AMAZING job confidently offering alternatives- "You can have salad or rice". Logan chose rice and ate all of what was served to him!
Recently, he’ll even prepare non-preferred food items that we’ve been working on, so when I arrive he can show them to me. He points to it and says "Eat! Good!" while giving me a thumbs up.”

Lead RBT - Nebraska

“We’ve been working with Ava* for 3 months now and at my parent meeting last week, Mom and Dad stated that they are so happy with our services and the progress Ava has made. When we first started, she had little functional communication skills and she now asks to be played with, requests to stop an activity, and asks for more time! Ava’s parents are so happy with her progress that they want her sibling to receive in-home therapy too.”

BCBA - Oklahoma

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